Time to Show Some #HUDSLove

Hey Harvard!

It’s time to show some #HUDSLove

HUDS workers have our backs every day – now it’s our turn. Dining hall staff, janitors, and security guards are trying to prevent contract changes that would make their healthcare much more expensive. We’re a community, and we know that what affects any one of us affects all of us.

Students and workers in our community are taking selfies together to show that we are #OneHarvard, and to support fair contracts in 2016.


Post your selfie on Facebook with the text above or a personalized message. Use the hashtags #OneHarvard,#HUDSLove, and #WorkingForAHealthyHarvard.

For more information, visit oneharvardcampaign.org


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris Riley says:

    Don’t you have meeting? What is the time of them?


    1. Harvard SLAM says:

      We do! We meet every Monday at 8:00 PM in PBHA Parlor Room


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